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    University of Montevallo
  Dec 15, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Foreign Languages, Spanish, B.A.

A degree in Foreign Languages can lead to various careers, from teaching to translation to business. The importance of language skills in the professional world is increasingly evident, and second-language skills will enhance career options, particularly in fields related to health and human services and customer service. Students planning to pursue graduate study may find a double major with a language a valuable asset.

Students wishing to begin French or Spanish at an advanced level (that is, above 101) and who do not already have college credit for the language in question may take the Department’s placement exam. Departmental faculty evaluate the results of the exam to determine the appropriate level of study. Students may register for a course lower than indicated by the exam, but not higher. The exam is offered to new students during summer preregistration and to other students by appointment. Contact the Foreign Languages office for more information.

The department offers the B.A. degree in Foreign Languages with a concentration in French or Spanish.

Major Requirements

6 hours from

18 hours in Target Language courses

18 hours in Target Language courses 301; 302; 331 or 332; 341, 342, 344, or 345; and two classes numbered 300 or above.