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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art

Chair: Professor Stephens.

Professors M. Bennett, Graffeo, Meyer, Wacker, Williams; Associate Professors J. Bennett, Lee, Somers, Willett; Assistant Professors Walsh, Young; Instructor Foster.

Department Contact

Scott Stephens, Chair
Bloch Hall
(205) 665-6400


The mission of the Department of Art of the University of Montevallo is to educate professional artists, to provide training in art for future art educators, and to enrich the liberal arts experience of the campus through courses and programs open to the university community.


The Department of Art offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Art , the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art , and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Art .


Minors are offered in Art  and Art History . Details about the Arts Administration Minor  are available under Department of Theatre. Details about the Game Studies and Design Minor  are available under the Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.


Internship credit is available for supervised work experience in graphic design, as well as many art-related fields, including graphic design, museums, galleries and photography studios.

Art Education

Students who wish to teach art in the public schools should complete the B.F.A. (recommended), B.A., or B.S. degree in Art. Certification is earned at the graduate level in the Alternative Master’s Degree Program. For information, contact the College of Education.

General Education

ART 100 , 218 , or 219  may be selected to fulfill the Humanities and Fine Arts requirement; the Fine Arts requirement must be in a fine arts other than visual arts to earn credit in the major.

ART 250  and 255  may be selected to fulfill the Personal Development option and earn credit in the major, as well.

Advanced Placement

Students who qualify for Advanced Placement (AP) credit in Studio Art and scored a 3 or better in the National Portfolio Review receive 3 art elective credit hours. Students who scored a 4 or better on the AP test in Art History receive 3-6 credit hours for ART 218  and/or 219 .

Students with exceptional studio preparation may request waiver of specific required foundations courses. Submission of a portfolio demonstrating competence in the full scope of course objectives is required. When a portfolio is favorably reviewed, required courses may be waived without earning credit. Course credit must be earned in elective courses or as assigned by the department chair. Portfolio review requests should be made well prior to registration.

Credit and Time Requirements

Three-credit-hour lecture classes in art meet for three hours per week for a 15-week semester, with the expectation that six hours of time outside of class per week will be used by students for preparation. Three-credit-hour studio classes meet for six hours per week for a 15-week semester, with the expectation that students will spend a minimum of six hours outside of class per week for preparation. Summer sessions maintain the same number of total class meeting and outside working times.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits in the art major are approved by the Department of Art and may require the presentation of completed coursework and/or syllabus for evaluation. At least one half of the art major must be completed at UM.

Reproduction Rights

The Department of Art reserves the right to retain examples of student work for instructional purposes. The Department of Art reserves the right to reproduce examples of student artwork in its web page and any other promotional materials the department produces or approves.

Courses in Art