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2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program

The mission of the University of Montevallo Honors Program is to provide intellectually talented students with specially designed academic offerings, co-curricular activities, and recognition.

The academic dimension is composed of two types of honors classes. One type is designed to fulfill requirements in the General Education Program such as Honors Composition (ENG 103  and ENG 104 ), History of World Civilizations for Honors Students (HIST 103  and HIST 104 ), and Honors Foundations of Oral Communication (COMS 102 ). The other type of honors class, intended to supplement the student’s course work, consists of seminars on topics best considered in an interdisciplinary context. Seminars often include guest speakers or involve travel to special events or places. Included in the seminar classes are HNRS 100 , an Introductory Honors Experience course for incoming students, and HNRS 400 , the Honors capstone class called Golson Seminar that is required of all Honors students. 

Honors students are recognized for their achievements at special occasions during the academic year. Honors students will be awarded the Honors Certificate upon satisfactory completion of 18 hours of Honors credit, and they will be recognized at a Fall Honors recognition luncheon. Upon satisfactory completion of 26 Honors credit hours, including the Golson Seminar, students will graduate with “University Honors.” Student graduating with “University Honors” will be recognized at a Spring Honors recognition luncheon, will receive Honors cords for graduation, and will have notations on their transcripts recognizing their participation in the Honors Program for the purpose of alerting prospective employers and graduate schools to the quality and extent of Honors work.

For information, contact the Honors Program Director at (205) 665-6501. The Honors Program office, classroom, and lounge are in Hill House. The Honors Residence is Ramsay Hall.

Honors courses are open to students in the Honors Program and also to all other Montevallo students by permission of the Honors Program Director and on a space-available basis. Not all courses are offered every semester. Inquiries are encouraged.