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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.

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Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. & B.S.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Major is a self-designed course of study that permits students to combine features of more than one discipline in a program of study that may take the place of or complement a traditional major. Students interested in the individualized degree obtain application materials from the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies Oversight Committee (IDSOC). The committee will be comprised of the following: Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, one faculty member from each of the four colleges, and the Registrar.

The student works with a faculty mentor (depending on the proposal, it could be one or two faculty mentors working together with the student) to develop a program that follows the application guidelines. Students and their mentors should begin the application process as soon as appropriate for specific plans. Many students who apply to the IDSOC Committee do so during their sophomore or junior year although a student may be ready to apply as early as the second semester of his/her freshman year. Typically, a student cannot apply after having earned 75 credit hours; however, exceptions may be approved by the IDSOC.

The application will be submitted to IDSOC for approval. A completed application packet includes the following:

  • A title and compelling rationale for the individual program and a description of what the student intends to gain from the major.
  • A specific list of required courses totaling at least 36 hours drawn from at least two different disciplines and/or colleges. Each semester the faculty mentor(s) will review progress toward the major with the student and determine if any changes need to be proposed and approved. At least 21 of the 36 hours must be at the 300 level or above. There will be a minimum of one 400-level course, including IDS 400  , the capstone course. At least two-thirds of the major must be taken while a student is at UM. It is possible for BACHE courses to be included.
  • A proposed plan of study for the major courses by semester that also serves as an approximate timetable for completion.
  • A list of several student-learning outcomes (these may be modified as the program progresses).
  • A specific description of the capstone experience will be required for approval prior to the senior year. Some examples of a capstone experience are a senior thesis, an undergraduate research project, or an internship.
  • The application must be signed by the faculty mentor(s) and the Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. The mentor will be responsible for the paper or project that fulfills the capstone experience.

Once the application is approved the student can declare a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. This declaration is contingent upon the Registrar’s certification that the proposal meets all graduation requirements. No changes may be made in the approved program without written authorization from the IDSOC. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the major. The title of the individualized degree will be identified on the student’s transcript at the time of graduation.

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