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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English and Foreign Languages

Chair: Associate Professor Mahaffey (African American Literature, Cultural Studies, and Theory).
Professors Ayotte (French Interdisciplinary Studies), Murphy (Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary Poetry), Patton (Analytic Metaphysics, Early Modern Philosophy), Rozelle (Ecocriticism and 20th Century American Literature), Stewart (English), Stoops (Romance Languages), Vazquez-Gonzalez (Spanish), Webb (British Romanticism, Children’s Literature, Adolescent Literature); Associate Professors Forrester (Philosophy of Art, Kant’s Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind), Inglesby (20th Century British, Irish, and American Literature, Modernism), Vaccarella (Spanish); Assistant Professors Atwood (Renaissance and Early Modern Studies), Beringer (19th Century American Literature), Chandler (Rhetoric and Composition), Johnson (English), Rickel (Postcolonial Literature), Wear (18th Century Literature), Wurzbacher (Creative Writing); Instructors Mwenja (English), Turner (Spanish).


The department offers the B.A. degree with majors in English and in Foreign Languages with a concentration in French or Spanish. At times there are elective courses in German.

The B.A. degree requires completion of the second-year sequence of a foreign language.

Teacher Certification

The department offers teacher-certification programs in French and Spanish.

Courses in English and Foreign Languages*

*Completion of the foreign-language requirement is based on proficiency. Students have the opportunity to take a foreign-language placement exam to determine if they may start their language studies beyond the 101 level. A student whose level of language proficiency makes it possible to bypass one or more lower-level language classes will reduce the number of hours required to complete the language sequence but will not reduce the total number of hours required for graduation. For example, a student who places in FRN 102  as a result of the placement exam will not be required to take FRN 101  but will not receive the credit hours for FRN 101 . Information about the placement exam is available from the Department of English and Foreign Languages.


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