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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Programs

Undergraduate Special Programs


Falcon Scholars in Action Program

University of Montevallo Falcon Scholars in Action is an honors program in which 25 UM students are selected each year to serve clients in agencies and programs throughout Shelby County. Students selected are provided with a significant annual stipend from Shelby County in exchange for their service. Examples of services provided include GED/ACT/SAT preparation, tutoring, coordinating physical activities, and providing training in job skills, computer skills, and social skills. All majors are eligible. Students are chosen through a highly competitive application process and will be enrolled in UM 222 , which can be taken for variable credit ranging from 0-3 credit hours. For more information and to apply, visit the University’s website or contact the Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement at servicelearning@montevallo.edu.

Great Start Program

The Great Start Program is a proactive support program that assists alternatively admitted students as they tap into their full potential at UM. In conjunction with Admissions, the Falcon Success Center (FSC) works with Great Start Program students through their first year at UM. Great Start Program students register for 12-16 hours their first two semesters, attend workshops designed to support students as they transition to college, interact with a peer group led by a peer mentor, and meet with FSC staff to create a personal pathway to success.

Honors Program

The mission of the University of Montevallo Honors Program is to provide intellectually talented students with specially designed academic offerings, co-curricular activities, and recognition.

The academic dimension is composed of two types of Honors classes. One type is designed to fulfill requirements in the General Education Program such as Honors Composition (ENG 103  and 104 ), History of World Civilizations for Honors Students (HIST 103  and 104 ), and Honors Foundations of Oral Communication (COMS 102 ). The other type of Honors class, intended to supplement the student’s course work, consists of seminars on topics best considered in an interdisciplinary context. Seminars often include guest speakers or involve travel to special events or places. Included in the seminar classes are HNRS 100 , an Introductory Honors Experience course for incoming students, and HNRS 400 , the Honors capstone class called Golson Seminar that is required of all Honors students. 

Honors students must take at least one Honors course per year and maintain a 3.2 or above GPA to remain active in the Honors Program. Honors students are recognized for their achievements at special occasions during the academic year. Honors students will be awarded the Honors Certificate upon satisfactory completion of 18 hours of Honors credit. Upon satisfactory completion of 26 Honors credit hours, including the Golson Seminar, students will graduate with “University Honors.” Satisfactory completion for the Honors Program is defined as earning an “A” or “B”. Students graduating with “University Honors” will be recognized at a Spring Honors recognition luncheon, will receive Honors cords for graduation, and will have notations on their transcripts recognizing their participation in the Honors Program for the purpose of alerting prospective employers and graduate schools to the quality and extent of Honors work.

For more information, contact the Honors Program Director at (205) 665-6501. The Honors Program office and classroom are in Hill House. The Honors Residence and lounge is in Ramsay Hall.

Honors courses are open to students in the Honors Program and also to all other Montevallo students by permission of the Honors Program Director and on a space-available basis. Not all courses are offered every semester. Inquiries are encouraged.

Military Training Courses

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is available to Montevallo students through a cooperative program with Samford University. Students enrolling in Air Force ROTC courses will attend classes on the Samford University campus. The AFROTC provides college men and women the opportunity to attain a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force upon graduation from college.

Additional Information

For additional information about Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps programs available to Montevallo students, contact:

Unit Admissions Officer, Samford University
AFROTC Building
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229
(205) 726-2859


For complete descriptions of Air Force ROTC courses, refer to the Courses of Instruction  section of this Bulletin.

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

The Army ROTC office is located on the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) campus. Under the Cooperative Exchange Program and a partnership agreement, University of Montevallo students are eligible to participate.

ROTC is a program of leadership and skills training. Through hands-on training and classroom instruction by experienced, active-duty Army officers and Non-commissioned officers, men and women in ROTC develop invaluable skills that may enable them to rise above their peers in a professional civilian or military career. Students not only learn military skills, they learn how to lead, as well as how to organize and manage people, things, and tasks.

Qualified students may earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant with the opportunity to serve either full time in the active Army or part time in the National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve. Students compete for valuable two- and three-year, and other special ROTC scholarships.

Additional Information

For additional information about the Army ROTC program available to Montevallo students, contact:

501 12th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35294-4490
(205) 934-7215


For complete descriptions of Army ROTC courses, refer to the Courses of Instruction  section of this Bulletin.

Service Learning

Service Learning is defined as a teaching and learning method that combines service objectives and learning objectives with a focus on promoting a deeper understanding of course content through real-world experiences that positively impact the community. These personal growth experiences provide an opportunity for critical, reflective thinking and for promoting a sense of civic responsibility. The University of Montevallo’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Strategic Plan explicitly identify service and informed citizenship as University emphases. Service Learning courses provide a mechanism by which university students can meet academic objectives while addressing community needs and gaining practical experience in their fields of study.

Students can participate in the Service Learning curriculum by enrolling in courses with SL designations. Students enrolled in SL courses are expected to complete the service activity(ies) specified in the syllabus. Students are prepared by their professors to conduct themselves in a professional manner and meet specific expectations of their service site such as confidentiality, collegiality, punctuality, and appropriate attire. Benefits of student participation in Service Learning courses include the following:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of course content
  • developing collaboration and communication skills
  • increasing awareness of social and community issues
  • gaining experience in a specific field of study; and
  • establishing professional contacts

Students who demonstrate excellence in service receive a cord at graduation. Criteria for recognition include the following:

  • a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • one of the following:
    • 300 documented hours of service to the community
    • completion of 4 Service Learning courses
    • 150 documented hours of service to the community and completion of two Service Learning courses.

For more information, contact the Office of Service Learning at (205) 665-6006 or visit www.montevallo.edu/service-learning/

Study Abroad and Study Away

Through Study Abroad or Study Away, students may complete one or more degree requirements through educational activities off campus. Such activities include - but are not limited to - undergraduate and graduate classroom study, research, intern- or externships, field studies, clinical or observational trials, and service learning accomplished for credit both outside the United States and through participation in the National Student Exchange. Local courses taken through the BACHE Consortium or transient courses transferred from local universities are not considered Study-Away courses. Study Abroad can include formal exchange programs with other universities, trips sponsored by the University of Montevallo, or trips sponsored by other institutions of higher education. The length of time can range from a few weeks to a full semester or academic year. Study Abroad or Study Away does not substitute for or relieve any residency requirements. Awarding of academic credit is dependent on the type of program and agreement under which the student studied. In all cases, students are encouraged to confirm academic credit arrangements before leaving campus. For more information, contact the Falcon Success Center or visit www.montevallo.edu/study-abroad/.