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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English and World Languages

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Chair: Associate Professor Mahaffey (African American Literature, Cultural Studies, and Theory).

Professors Murphy (Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary Poetry), Rozelle (Ecocriticism and 20th Century American Literature), Stewart (English), Stoops (Romance Languages), Vàzquez-Gonzàlez (Spanish), Webb (British Romanticism, Children’s Literature, Adolescent Literature); Associate Professors Beringer (19th Century American Literature), Forrester (Philosophy of Art, Kant’s Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind), Rickel (Postcolonial Literature), Vaccarella (Spanish); Assistant Professors Atwood (Renaissance and Early Modern Studies), Johnson (English), Mwenja (English), Wurzbacher (Creative Writing); Instructor Johnston (English).

Department Contact Information

Dr. Paul Mahaffey, Chair
Humanities Hall, Room 201 - Main Office and English Office
(205) 665-6420
Humanities Hall, Room 101 - World Language Office
(205) 665-6410


The Department of English and World Languages contributes to the University of Montevallo’s undergraduate liberal arts curriculum through its programs in literature, languages, and philosophy. The Department endeavors to produce critical, creative, and syncretic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators, while promoting social awareness and expanding intellectual and cultural horizons. The faculty, dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and creative and professional activities, seeks not just to prepare students for graduate studies and a host of careers but also to enrich their lives. 

The focus of the English program is “to teach the reading, writing, and analysis of texts in English, to contribute to knowledge about the reading, writing and analysis of such texts, and to make the knowledge of the discipline accessible to and useful for the larger community.” The Foreign Languages program must, by nature, play a key role in the University’s mission of providing to students a “higher educational experience of high quality, with a strong emphasis on undergraduate liberal studies.” Foreign Language study also complements the mission of the College of Arts & Sciences which is “Educated Citizens Prepared for a Changing World.” Thus, the primary objective of the study of a foreign language is “to prepare students for living and contributing to the global community with language skills and cultural awareness.”

General Education

All students seeking an undergraduate degree at UM must complete a core General Education curriculum that includes courses in English, history, mathematics, the natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts, oral and written communication, and personal development.

The minimum requirements can be found in the General Education Credit Hour Requirements section of the Undergraduate Academic Policies   page.

Several courses in the department fulfill UM General Education requirements.

All undergraduate students must complete the Composition sequence - ENG 101  (or 103 ) and 102  (or 104 ) - and at least one sophomore-level literature course - ENG 231  (or 233 ) or 232  (or 234 ). In addition, students must also complete a sequence in either literature or history as a general education requirement. Students may fulfill this by taking either ENG 231  (or 233 ) and 232  (or 234 ).

Several English, Foreign Language and Philosophy courses fulfill the Humanity component: ENG 231  (or 233 ), 232  (or 234 ); FRN 101 , 102 150 201 202 250 ; GER 101 102 201 , 202 PHIL 110 111 , 180 220 221 230 280 290 SPN 101  (or 103 ), 102  (or 104 ), 150 201 202 , and 250 .

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Completion of the foreign-language requirement is based on proficiency. Students have the opportunity to take a foreign-language placement exam to determine if they may start their language studies beyond the 101 level. A student whose level of language proficiency makes it possible to bypass one or more lower-level language classes will reduce the number of hours required to complete the language sequence but will not reduce the total number of hours required for graduation. For example, a student who places in FRN 102  a result of the placement exam will not be required to take FRN 101  will not receive the credit hours for FRN 101 . Information about the placement exam is available from the Department of English and World Languages.


The department offers the B.A. degree with majors in English  and in Foreign Languages with a concentration in French  or Spanish 

The B.A. degree requires completion of the second-year sequence of a foreign language.


The department offers minors in Creative Writing English French Latin American Studies Philosophy and Religion Professional Writing , and Spanish .

Programs and Courses


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