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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Communication

Dr. Sherry Ford, Chair
Strong Hall
(205) 665-6625


The Department of Communication facilitates opportunities for students and faculty to develop and apply functional knowledge of relevant theory, which is necessary for successful storytelling and effective creation and management of meaning in a variety of contexts (e.g. personal, professional, public.) The department places particular emphasis on using best practices and innovative technologies to ensure interdisciplinary understanding; media and informational literacy; informed and engaged citizenship; cultural awareness; and effective ethical written, oral, and visual communication.

Graduate Offerings

No graduate degree is offered in the department. However, students pursuing a Master of Education in Secondary Education with certification in English/Language arts may take the following course to fulfill teaching field requirements. Students who have taken slash-listed courses as an undergraduate may not receive graduate credit for those courses, with the exception of the internships, directed reading, and special topics. Most courses will involve the graduate student in the mastery of skills and techniques available on the undergraduate level. In addition to the knowledge and skills required of every art student involved in the course, all graduate students shall be responsible for a graduate component. For information, see the appropriate section under the Department of Teaching, Leadership, & Technology.


Communication Studies