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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Chair: Professor Byrd (Chemistry)
Professors Bharara (Chemistry), Hardig (Biology), Sterner (Mathematics), Tidwell (Chemistry); Associate Professors Herron (Mathematics), Hope (Physics), Morris (Mathematics), Noerager (Biology), Tyler (Mathematics), Wicknick (Biology); Assistant Professors Brande (Geology), Martin (Games Studies and Design), Mathews (Chemistry), Maxwell (Mathematics), Morgan (Mathematics), Sestero (Biology), Tinsley (Biology), Varagona (Mathematics); Instructors Benford (Biology), Eloff (Mathematics).


The department offers bachelor’s degrees in biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Marine Science Courses

The University is a member of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium, a public, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing marine education, research, and service to Alabama. UM students focusing on marine science will study at the Consortium’s Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, Dauphin Island, Alabama. Students register and pay tuition for these courses at Montevallo.

A minimum of 16 semester hours of biology is required before any 400-level course in marine science may be taken. Admission into all courses is subject to consent of the instructor.

The following courses do not apply toward a major or minor in Biology: MSCI 445 , 451 , 460 , 484 , and 486 . Students who wish to major in Biology with emphasis in Marine Biology should consult the department chair.

Pre-Professional Program Information

Courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics


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