Jul 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Brett Noerager, Chair
Harman Hall


The mission of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science is twofold. In science, students are provided with a thorough understanding of modern scientific concepts and theories, and practical experience in laboratory techniques. In mathematics, excellent current and relevant instruction that promotes an interest in mathematics for the welfare of society is emphasized. Such background, combined with the other components of a liberal arts education, will produce graduates prepared for a range of professional and postgraduate outcomes. This education is conducted in an affordable, “small college” public liberal arts setting. 

Graduate Offerings

No graduate degree is offered in this department; however, students pursuing a Secondary Education, Alternative, M.Ed.  or Secondary Education, Professional Educators, M.Ed.  with certification in Biology, Mathematics or General Science Education may take the courses below to fulfill the teaching field requirements. Students who have taken courses as an undergraduate may not receive graduate credit for those courses, with the exception of internships, directed readings, and special topics. For information on the M.Ed. program, refer to the appropriate section under Department of Teaching, Leadership, & Technology  

The University of Montevallo is a member of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium (MESC), a public, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing marine education, research and service to the state of Alabama. These courses are offered during the summer at the Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, Dauphin Island, Alabama. Students must register and pay tuition for these courses at the University of Montevallo. For more information concerning these courses, contact the UM liaison, Dr. Jill Wicknick, Harman Hall, (205) 665-6458, wicknickja@montevallo.edu.

Courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science